Bakelite was discovered in 1907 by a Belgian chemist named Leo Hendrik BAEKELAND (1863-1944). Liquid phenol and formaldehyde raw materials are converted into a gel, cooled and solidified as a result of reaction by adding heat and adding heat in reactors, and by breaking these materials, artificial resin, which is the main raw material of bakelite, is obtained.

It is a thermoset product that is formed as a result of the formulation made with filling materials, cooker, paint and additional auxiliary materials, then passed through the extruder, broken and turned into granules. The desired material is formed as a result of Bakelite raw material being moulded by applying heat to the mould through press or injection machines and completing its function after cooling.

Bakelite, which has very good heat resistance, is used primarily in the kitchen industry, automotive, machinery and electrical industries. Bakelite raw material, produced in accordance with European standards, does not contain any carcinogenic material.

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